Technology meets Design Philosophy

You’ve discovered an open environment, where the code and the physical interact with the abstract. A place where “design philosophy” means both, not simply design. You’ve discovered CLS Design Associates.

Spend some time investigating the site to learn what we are all about. CLS Design Associates has helped businesses, organizations, and individuals meet their goals for nearly 25 years. Explore what CLS Design Associates has to offer. After, if you think we might be able to help you complete your project, get in touch.

Usability Evaluation

Software applications and Web content don’t become easy to use on their own. With more than a quarter century of experience in interface design, CLS Design Associates turns confusion into clarity. We do expert reviews of your user interface and provide assistance: anything from detailed reports with suggested improvements to a complete overhaul with proof-of-concept materials.

Design Consultation

Starting a new Web site or application from scratch? You don’t want to discover problems that require a costly overhaul after launch. CLS Design Associates can assure you’ll do things right the first time.

Writing and Editing

We admit it: we’re sticklers when it comes to both usability and grammar. Your programmers know the software inside-out, but we have the expertise to provide real assistance to your users, the way they need it. Whether we’re crafting new product documentation, creating first-class multimedia tutorials, or just providing a meticulous set of eyes to review what you’ve already created, CLS Design Associates can improve your product and increase user satisfaction.

Concept Development

Sometimes you just need that extra jolt of creativity. When you’re contemplating a new branding strategy, fretting over your next marketing campaign, or just need to brainstorm solutions, contact CLS Design Associates. We’ll gladly put our creative juices to work for you.